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Alomani Q8 has participated in creating many Personal websites. Personal web sites are becoming very popular today, where your relatives and friends can know more about your identity, Portfolio, address, hobbies, and see your online photo gallery or album from any part of the world. 


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Ocean Pearl a personal site that have various links.


  • Composing of an already made Graphics / Authoring

  • Java scripts / Dynamic HTML / Gif Animation / Background Music / Search Engine /

  • Top


Noof's Personal Web page "Child Portfolio", a personal site for a 2 year old kid, that contains a personal info, Photo gallery, listen to music page and more links for children....
Alomani Q8 designers made a  vivid and colorful site for kids to be  cheerful as they browse. An extensive editing  job was done  on photos. We applied lots of cartoon images, which interacted with the  kid. Cheerful  music was selected for the music link. Furthermore, Links of toy, cloth, and other equipment stores were applied in the link page... 
  • Design/authoring Service 

  • Logo / Graphics Design

  • Photo Gallery/manipulation/Enhancement

  • Guest Book / Music Links / Real Audio

  • Top


qb20's "Al-Andalusia" website. A personal site for Al-Andalus Design. It contains mostly photo galleries, Music, and entertainment stuff..

Alomani Q8 designers composed  many mosque images from around the world to get a final result of an imaginary Arabian Nights style palace. This  is an environmental site, which means that visitors  keep entering gates while listening to a Spanish music until they reach the yard where they find the animated fountain of knowledge. In addition, visitors will reach the lamp gates, where each gate will light as the visitors cursor hovers on them...

  • Design / Authoring / Graphics Design / photo enhancement

  • Java scripts / Dynamic HTML / Gif Animation / Background Music

  • Still under development

  • Top

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