Design That Performs
Alomani Q8 offers a complete line of graphic design services including:
  • Website graphic creation
  • Banner Ads Design
  • Flash Animations
  • Print Advertising
  • Magazine/Newspaper Advertisements
  • Cover Design Book/CD/VHS Details
  • Animated Graphics
  • Photo Scanning and compression
  • Extensive Photo Editing, repair, coloring and enhancement. sample

  • Logo Design & Corporate Identity. Details
    • Original logo development
    • Business Cards
    • Brochures/Flyers
    • Envelopes
    • Letterhead
    • Signs
    • Fax Cover Sheets
    • Labels

An Effective Presentation for Your Message
When promoting your business, it's important to consider the approach taken to present your product, service and message.

Many businesses' attempts to garner new interest from prospective clients may be unsuccessful for one simple reason - image. To catch the eye of your target audience, it's necessary to make good use of images, color and layout.

The Power of Design
Many people take for granted what good design means. Everyone has browsed through magazines, newspapers and books and stopped to look over an ad or layout that immediately caught their attention for one of many reasons - good use of color combinations, typography and layout or clever use of photography and other images.

These examples are what defines good design. The aim of any advertisement, promotional item or website is to captivate the audience's attention and to keep it long enough to take in the information you want to convey.

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